The importance of an updated résumé

Having your résumé updated will help you to evaluate yourself periodically, thus visualizing your achievements. The following recommendations will assist you to continue to be successful in your professional career. 1.- The résumé should always be updated and at sight. 2.- The résumé must be analyzed at least once a year to verify your achievements… Read more »

Which are the key points in a résume

There is no universal format, but a résumé must cover the following key points: Personal data: Full name, address, phone number and e-mail address so that you can be easily contacted. Professional objective: Take your main capability and relate it to the job you are requesting to demonstrate why you satisfy the needs of said… Read more »

A successful interview

To have a successful interview, the following points must be considered: Prepare the interview: a) Know every detail in your résumé perfectly, such as dates that highlight your professional career (joining and departure dates from a company, reasons for change, dates in which you were promoted, etc.). b) Analyze the position you want to cover… Read more »

Emotional intelligence as an essential skill

Over the last few centuries our society has valued a very specific ideal in human beings: the intelligent person. Academic intelligence is not enough to achieve professional success. Those who learned about their emotions and how to control them appropriately are the ones who cultivated human relationships and learned the mechanisms that motivate and move… Read more »